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1. The Wolf in a Sheeps Skin 披着羊皮的狼

A wolf wanted to eat the sheep,but he was afraid of the clever shepherd and his dogs.One day the wolf found the skin of a sheep. He put it on and walked among the sheep. A lamb thought that the wolf was its mother because his skin looked like hers. So it followed the wolf. Soon after they had left the dogs,the wolf came at the lamb and ate it up. For some time he succeeded in cheating the sheep and enjoying nice meals.

2. The Trees and the Ax 树和斧子

Once upon a time a man came into a forest. He said to the trees,Will you give me a piece of hard wood? The tree said,Yes,well give you a good piece of hard wood. He was very glad to get a good piece of wood. He hurried home with it. At once he made a new handle of his ax. Then he went to the forest again and began to cut down all the best trees in the forest. The trees were very sad. They said to one another,We suffer from our own foolishness.

3. Ugly Duckling 丑小鸭

It is spring again,the ugly duckling is bigger now. He can fly higher and swim faster. There is a beautiful river and some beautiful birds there. He thinks,I want to go to them,but they will hate me. One bird says,Be quiet. Look!A new one is coming to join us. The ugly duckling is surprised,he is not a duck,he is a swan. He goes and joins the swans. He happily swims with them.

4. The Lion and the Mou儿童线上英语一对一我是有一些了解的jianlizjj.com平时在上班中有些同事是已经结婚的了,他们也会谈论这个话题se 狮子和老鼠

Once a great lion caught a little mouse and was going to kill her. Oh,dear kind Lion!said the little mouse. Please forgive me. Let me go. I shall return your kindness. Ha,ha,ha,help me? laughed the lion. I dont believe.

One day,the lion was caught in a trap. 我是觉得这个方法很好,mayiwon.com将学习英语来运用到其他科目上去,从中让孩子的各个学科都能够均衡发展、共同进步。Just then the little mouse came along. She gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp teeth,and the lion was free again. Thank you,little mouse!said the lion,and he walked away. Little friends may prove to be great friends.

5. Sour Grapes 酸葡萄

A fox stole into a vine‐yard. He was very hungry. When he saw grapes high on a grapevine,he jumped to reach them,he jumped and jumped for many times,but he could not get the tasty grapes. He was very angry. To comfort himself,he said,Oh,I am sure they are sour!

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